ahhDesign Mini Site Design


This is one of my freelance jobs which I was asked to design a mini site for ahh-studio, a camera design company located in Richmond,CA.

The purpose for this site is
Introducing this startup company to public.
To showcase company's design concept,
and some main features on their official website which will be launched in 2014.

I came up with these two directions, one is very muesum style,
the other is more graphic and story telling.
The clients chosed the second one by the end.

I designed a set of icons for this mini site as well.
After the research and plenty of sketches, I came up with this idea that all icons for the website are design in one single stroke, no matter how simple or complicated the icons are.
And this just correspond with their design concept, making things easy and simple.

(some progress images for the icon design)

To check out the website, please go to :

Adobe photoshop, Rhino3D, freehand sketch, Adobe Illustrator

2018 Beijing