In The Name Of Fast

Porsche 70th annivery stunt pitch

Ever since 2011 when Porsche first landed in chinese market,
the chinese consumers have a thought that Porsche produce SUV.

The client is trying to change their brand image in china,
and since this year is Porsche’s 70th annivery,
they want to showcase that they produce great sport cars.


We got the brief and came up with this thought:
Speed is the most unique DNA of Porsche.

It opens up possibilities,
stretches boundaries and is a divine yet practical power
the world of Porsche fans worship for.

So in order to pay the epic respects to the fans in China,
not only do we want Porsche to leverage the period of
celebrating 70 Years Anniversary to reinforce her DNA,
but we also see this as an opportunity to express and to declare...
Porsche Has Always Been The Owner of FAST.

Guerrilla Idea 1
Flying Helicopter
“In the name of fast, how fast if enough to lift things off of ground?” 

You’d need a “911-fast”

Guerrilla Idea 2
“Run On Water” 
“In the name of fast, can fast make a Porsche float on water?” 

Drive in “2.9 sec. from 0-60mph”

Installation Art
“Salute To Speed” 
“In the name of fast, we salute to those who genuinely believe in it, at all cost!”

(An installation art that will be setup in PuDong airport)
Silver Bullet
“You see Porsche, I see Bullet. The world sees fast!”

2018 Beijing