The Ultimate Parking Place Seeker

The concept of “Parkit” is to create a real-time parking pilot
which helps users to find an open space near destination.

The goal is to bring user an efficient parking experience, and to help user
not only find a real-time availability of parking spots in San francisco,
but also provides user a way to make parking payment and helps user to find the parked car.

There are many parking apps trying to solve parking problems in the city of San Francisco,
some are not user friendly while some not visually pleasing.
“Parkit” tries to find a solution to both simplify user experience and visual appeal user.
Since different people approach a parking app in different ways,
“Parkit” focuses on its primary target audience –
people who need a one to two hours street parking space;
people who need garage parking and disabled parking are secondary and tertiary users.

Progress - Competitor Research

Progress - Competitor Research (Analyze Pros and Cons)

Progress - Competitor Matrix - V1

Progress - Competitor Matrix - V2

Progress - Research - Future Garage Parking
1) Imaging how human/car/phone/garage interact when people arrive in a garage;

2) Imaging how people check out their cars when returning to the garage; how human/phone/car/garage interact;

Progress - Current technology research

Progress - Infographic / Research

Progress - User Research/Interview

Progress - Personas (Define primary/secondary users)

Progress - Information Architecture

Progress - User Task Flow Chart

Progress - Moodboard development


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