FengShui Guide


FengShui Guide is a real - time FengShui analysis appication for iPhone.
It helps user to find right directions for their FengShui aspects at home and it also provides live FengShui suggestions.

You can use the iPhone’s built-in compass and viewfinder to look at your surroundings,
while the app shows which part influences your job, your relationships, your personal health,
and every other aspect of your living environment.
You’re able to recurring difficulties in your financial, professional, emotional or creative life.
Also, by following these FengShui principles and suggestions FengShui Guide provides,
you can easily fix those trouble areas and compensate for any issue.
Now you will have a home enviornment that helps you achieve success, happiness and prosperity.

The whole project includes:
1. Click through html prototype
2. 3 concept / user scenario videos
3. Thesis book

1. Prototype: JQuery mobile, HTML. CSS
2. Concept video: AfterEffect,
3. Visual design: Photoshop, Illustrator
4. Thesis book: InDesign

Date: 2013

Concept videos

Here is a demo video shows how the Live Camera works in this app.

These video shows how users get more knowledges about FengShui Principles by using this app.

This is the Thesis Book for the FengShui Guide Project.
2018 Beijing